Happy go lucky Amadahy

Happy go lucky Amadahy




Amadahy (Pronounced “Ah-muh-dah-hee”) is  half cherokee. She was raised with her mother’s band somewhere in the southwestern United States until most of the band, including her mother, died of small pox, at which time Amadahy was sold as a galley slave and made to work on a merchant ship. A few years later and along came Smew’s pirate ship. Smew had a tendency to burn the boarded vessel but to the merchant crew he’d give a choice. They could either swear allegiance to him, and sign on as a pirate, or be set to sea in small boat. In Amadahy’s mind there was no choice. Harsh treatment as a slave was no life. She decided to give Smew a chance and has been loyal to him for what she considers a rescue ever since! Fortunately for Smew, Amadahy was able to replace his cook who had recently been skewered.

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