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Captain Saif T. Smew had a bit of a scramble for his life
Captain Saif T. Smew had a bit of a scramble for his life

Captain Saif T. Smew he be a not too nice pirate, on the outside. But deep down he aren’t such a bad person. It will, however, take some doin’ to peel back the layers. In these pirate themed children’s books ye be gonna discover a somewhat religious or christian theme interwoven throughout the pages without being at all preachy. As ye may be aware, the cardinal sins, or the seven deadly sins are mentioned in the Bible and in Wikipedia ( as lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. (I just counted. Aye, that be seven alright!) Captain Smew and his crew will take these temptations one book at a time and attempt to show the reader how to overcome them.

It will be up to Avery and the rest of the crew to redeem such a vile pirate as Captain Saif T. Smew. So tighten yer bootstraps ye lilly livered, grog snarfin’ skirt wearin’ gut aches and we’ll get under way to see what’s in store!

Trivia: Click on the smew link to learn about this beautiful creature. Also, the name Saif is Arabic for sword. (There will be a ‘smew’ link as soon as I figure out how to put one) 😉



Proud as a smew, or a peacock!! 


Many superstitions hence the talismans.



She probably didn't deserve that.
Doubtful she deserved that.


Eyeballin' a vessel they be hopin' to commandeer
Eyeballin’ a vessel they be hopin’ to commandeer







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