Somewhat modeled after the life of Captain Henry Avery (Every) we get Captain Avery for our books. Avery was cursed for kidnapping the Mogul’s daughter, who was on a religious pilgrimage called the haj, which is sacred to muslims. Not knowing who she was or what she was doing, not that it would have mattered much, Avery and his misfit band of pirates boarded the princess’ vessel and looted her treasures. It was thought to have been the second or third largest haul for a pirate ever in the history of pirates. For his dastardly deeds, Avery finds himself cursed to “life” as a skull until such time as he can influence ‘the one who finds him’ to become a ‘good man’; those are the terms of his imprisonment. Well, Smew finds him and Smew is anything but a good man so it looks like Avery has his work cut out for him. Good luck Avery!

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