Princess Shiva she be watchin' boats and dreamin' o' days gone by.
Princess Shiva she be watchin’ boats and dreamin’ o’ days gone by.

Princess Shiva, she be watchin’ boats an’ dreamin’ o’ days gone by. Shiva’s father’s character is loosely based on Chongzhen Emperor, who was the last emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty of China. When a rebel army overran the Ming capital of Beijing, Shiva’s father was captured, but not before he attempted to kill every member of the imperial household, except his sons, to prevent them from being tortured. The little five year old Shiva suffered a nasty cut on her arm that caused her to bleed until she fainted but her two sisters were killed. Since Shiva was so small, the emperor’s champion, Candelaria was able to scoop Shiva up and sneak her out of the kingdom. Quick thinking Candelaria rescued her from the rebel army and from the Manchus encroaching from the north. Shiva remembers little from her life in the palace, but she does remember some. Growing up without a father she has enjoyed these past few years with Captain Smew as he has eagerly taken her under his wing, so to speak. She compares Smew to an orange, bitter on the outside but sweet on the inside.

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