Greed Monster!!

Greed Monster!!!

Avast ye tharr mates!! Me thinks tharr be a greed monster among us!

The underlying purpose of this site, and of me pirate themed children’s books, is to help young people to become a better version of themselves. There be many hindrances to becoming a better version of ‘us’ but the good news is that there be just as many, if not more, resources to assist us in overcoming those obstacles. Captain Smew be a pirate and like Jack Sparrow of the Pirate’s of the Caribbean movies, and like most any pirate for that matter, he is smitten with certain worldly tendencies, greed being chief among them.

Regarding greed I have researched a few sites that seem most helpful. If you have any others, or any suggestions or questions or comments I urge you to post them. I believe in obtaining truth from various sources as you will see from my references below.

Thanks fer reading and fer hanging out maties!

Remember, people and relationships are more important than things.

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